Tribeca 212 Announces Collaboration

with Chef Brian West

Professional Restaurant Consultant


Our Restaurant Just Leveled Up

Chef Brian West, Texas Culinary Alliance Owner
Chef Brian West, Texas Culinary Alliance Owner
The News

We have been saving some exciting news! Chef Brian West is a professional consultant chef for Tribeca 212.

We joined forces with this Chef because he has been an inspiration in the kitchen and possesses extensive restauranteur knowledge. Tribeca's team of line cooks, prep cooks, chefs, servers and management to owners are working in concert to serve our community.

About Chef West

A Culinary Chef from the Art Institute of Houston, to owner, instructor, and featured on Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible" as Operation Chef.


Chef Brian West is a native of San Antonio, and grew up to be the grilling master at events.  This made culinary arts a natural choice. Graduating from the Art Institute of Houston in 1997 with high marks, he started his career working in area kitchens.

We are lucky that he moved back to San Antonio, however, because the illustrious path began. His positions through this time included Sous Chef at the La Cantera Resort, and management in various restaurants and hotels.

This led to growth through more positions:

  • Banquet Chef at Biga studying under Bruce Auden
  • Executive Chef at Fresh Horizon Catering
  • Executive Chef at Hotel Contessa, Las Ramblas



Café Paladar became his next step up, now as owner and leader with flavor. Under Chef West, this restaurant gained high reviews from the dining crowds.

Gaining greater knowledge in the industry, he followed a calling into instructor. Teaching at the Culinary Institute of America, he realized students were not versed in Texas Cuisine origins and flavors. Clearly, an opportunity to teach.

Apparently, his students listened, because his time there also included leading the Institute's Barbecue team to win competitions. These days were soon traded in for leading restaurants in smoking some amazing BBQ with his techniques.


Shaping the Industry:

Now, Chef West is fulfilling his mission through consulting.

Having a wealth of experiences from cooking, management, instruction, and ownership, he put together a board of culinary leaders in the industry.

He is now a leader in shaping the area as owner of the Texas Culinary Alliance, where great attention to detail is given to Texas Cuisine and various cuisines he brings to fortunate diners. He features menus based upon his Texas Culinary Manifesto, including wines.

Join Us

We welcome this great partnership with Chef Brian and The Texas Culinary Alliance, as we gain more benefits from the flavors and best practices as restaurateurs.

Join us & keep up the reviews so we know how we're doing!


Enjoy this partnership by coming in to dine with your family, friends and associates!

** RSVP Not Required **

Call with questions 210-320-0698

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