Michael Ned Accepts Our Invitation

Tribeca 212 invited Michael Ned to our July 4th event, and we are his new follower.

Michael has been cooking for 15 years and brings a wealth of BBQ knowledge.

What we enjoy about Michael is his personable style and the love he has for the flavors in his barbecue.

His grass roots barbecue movement has gotten some attention recently, as an award winner for larger competitions.

This includes the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo – he won 1st place at a previous competition.

He has also given back to our community by mentoring Taft High School’s Culinary team of students. They tied for First Place in a 2017 BBQ Competition!

He expresses BBQ as a hobby that is clearly his passion.

Food Truck Tribeca

A Treasured Find at the Jazz Festival

Look for our Tribeca 212’s Food Truck and Michael Ned’s 16 foot smoker at the Wonderland of America’s Jazz Festival on Fridays thru July.

Find out more about these 25th Annual Jazz Festival Events at



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